Justice Court




Regular Court sessions take place every Tuesday and Wednesday morning at 9:00 a.m. and two (2) evenings each month at 5:00 p.m. as needed for traffic trials or other Court proceedings at the Judge’s discretion.

The Fishkill Town Court can be reached by telephone at (845) 831-7860 Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or by fax at (845) 831-1569.

The Court staff consists of three (3) Court Clerks who can answer questions concerning the Court’s procedures, but who are not permitted to give legal advice.

The Fishkill Town Court hears cases originating within the Town which are criminal in nature beginning with Simplified Traffic Information (traffic tickets) charging vehicle and traffic offenses, or violation offenses, or misdemeanor and felony cases. Felony charges which are not reduced to misdemeanors are transferred to Dutchess County Court for final disposition.

The Court conducts non-jury or bench trials for violation offense and vehicle and traffic cases. Defendants have the right to choose a jury trial or non-jury trial for misdemeanor cases.

Payments can now be made on line for traffic fines.  Click on this linkwww.paycourtonline.com(link is external) and follow the instructions or call 1-888-912-1541.  nCourt is a 3rd party online provider, so they may assess you convenience fees to process your payment.  Your summons will be paid and the information and your payment shall be forwarded by nCourt to the court.  nCourt is a full service e-commerce partner for courts and other government agencies.

The Fishkill Town Court hears formal civil cases when either the Plaintiff or the Defendant resides in, is employed in, or has a place of business within the Town. The Court also hears small claims cases when the Defendant resides in, is employed in, or has a place of business within the Town for money damages only, not the return of personal property.

Generally, corporations, partnerships, associations or assignees cannot sue in Small Claims Court.  These claims must be filed in a Commercial Claims Court.  (City Courts:  i.e.: Beacon or Poughkeepsie).

The Court also hears Summary Proceedings/ Evictions when the property and the Respondent are located within the Town. The civil jurisdiction of the Court is limited to claims up to the sum of $3,000.00.

The Town Justices also are authorized to perform civil marriage ceremonies. Further information can be obtained by calling the Court or the Town Clerk at (845) 831-7800 ext. 3329.


Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Certified Checks or Money Orders are acceptable forms of payment.  No Personal Checks Are Accepted.

  • Filing Petition and Notice of Petition / Summons and Complaint = $20.00 each
  • Transcript of Judgment = $2.00 each
  • Certificate of Disposition = $5.00
  • Driver's License Suspension Lift Fee = $70.00 per ticket issued

Note:  Please do not e-mail the Court for information, you must call or write to the Court for further information.