The Town Board


TELEPHONE NUMBER: (845) 831-7800 EXT. 3331

Meetings, Agendas and Minutes(link is external)

In New York State, our Towns have been organized with an elective legislative body. This body is the Town Board. This legislative body is comprised of the Town Supervisor, who chairs the Board and four elected Town councilpersons. A Town Board as a group is the executive head of the Town.

The Town Board adopts local laws, approves budgets, appoints employees, consultants, and other staff and serves as Commissioner for Water and Sewer Districts.

The Supervisor, by NYS statute, may appoint committees to aid in the duties of government.

Some responsibilities of the Town Board:

  • Enact zoning, amend zoning
  • Appoint members of other boards
  • Appoint chairpersons of other boards
  • Approve budgets for other boards
  • Approve comprehensive plans